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HEA-Brews, DJSL 2015 Aleph Champions

Bad Jews Bears, 2015 Bet League Champions
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Denver Parks and Recreation Rainout Number

Written by: League Administrator
Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Just in case we experience rough weather, here is the number to call for pre-recorded message on game status with Denver Parks and Recreation: 720-913-0715...
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Yesterday's Scores
Aleph Division: Aish-Ahavas 15
Aleph Division: Sinai Kosher Hammies 10
Aleph Division: misHEAgas bombers 9
Aleph Division: HEA-brews 10
Bet Division: Rodef Bagels and Walks 10
Bet Division: YAD Balls 13
Aleph Division: HEAvy Hitters 1
Aleph Division: JCC Sox 16
Aleph Division: Bad Jews Bears 14
Aleph Division: HEAvy Hitters 3
Bet Division: EDOS/ESKD Grand Salami 4
Bet Division: Sinai Mitts-vahs 8
Aleph Division: KaBALLahs 10
Aleph Division: HEA-brews 13
Aleph Division: JCC Sox 20
Aleph Division: Rodef Shalom Men in Green 9
Bet Division: YAD Balls 15
Bet Division: Rodef-DAT Minyanaires 14
Aleph Division: misHEAgas bombers 31
Aleph Division: Aish-Ahavas 3
Aleph Division: Sinai Kosher Hammies 21
Aleph Division: IST 20
Bet Division: Emanuel Hineini Project 9
Bet Division: Micah Motley Jews 10
Bet Division: KBY 5
Bet Division: Emanuel Hineini Project 15
Bet Division: Rodef Bagels and Walks 22
Bet Division: KBY 6

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